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This is Version 9 of the textbook. Versions 2 to 7 included corrections to typos etc. Version 8 included more corrections, plus Mechanics has been slightly reworked – all examples now use definite integrals, and differential equations and slope fields are used in some explanations. Version 9 has more typos corrected.



This is Version 6 of the 1000 Questions. Versions 2 to 5 have included corrections to typos in solutions, with a few more efficient techniques for some questions. Version 6 has more typos corrected and some duplicate questions changed.



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Year 12 Advanced Mathematics

The last two courses in the subject will be completed by January 2023 at the latest.

ADV#9 – Statistics

ADV#10 – Financial Mathematics

About The Mathematician, Teacher & Author

My name is Steve Howard. I am a Mathematics Teacher at Cowra High School, a medium sized rural high school in Central West NSW. I have taught here for 28 years, and have also taught gifted and talented students online through xsel and Aurora College.
This website is a portal that brings together my free and commercial Mathematics resources for students and teachers. Here you will find my passion project - my own Mathematics Extension 2 textbook and 1000 Revision Questions for Extension 2 - that are available here for free. You can also look at information about and links to the commercial online PD courses that I make for teachers through TTA.
Get a free download of the textbook and revision book using the links above, and subscribe to the email list to keep up to date with new resources - free or commercial.

Extension 2 Textbook and Revision Questions

The Extension 2 textbook and matching ‘1000 Revision Questions’ will be continually changed and updated over time so that it better matches the HSC while the other textbooks stay the same.

The textbook has over 1000 questions and at 582 pages is about 50% bigger than the commercial textbooks. The two digital books work best together, but you can just use one or the other.

This textbook is mainly a passion project, but indirectly earns me a bit of pocket money through school copyright licencing and increasing traffic to my commercial online professional development courses for teachers through TTA.

Some of the features of this textbook that students and teachers may find useful:

* The questions are in the style of past HSC questions where possible, so students are learning the right type of questions throughout the course.

* The questions are graded in difficulty so students can work at their own level.

* Each exercise starts with Basic questions that match the examples, so students can ease themselves into the new concepts if they need to. More confident students can skip these first questions and start with Medium.

* All questions have fully worked solutions.

* There are lots of diagrams that help students understand concepts that would normally only be dealt with algebraically. There are many hints and tips on how to more easily answer questions, and to see the way past tricks in exam questions.

The textbook is paired with ‘1000 Revision Questions in Mathematics Extension 2’. The first 500 questions are arranged topic by topic matching the chapters from the textbook to help students study and revise, while the last 500 questions are from mixed topics to help students prepare for their Trials and the HSC.

The textbook is set out so that you can cover the course in 40 lessons.. The aim is for you to be able to finish the course as soon as possible so that you can have months of revision before the HSC to master the content.


Over the last three years I have started a series of commercial online PD courses for teachers through Teacher Training Australia (TTA). As the name suggests, the online courses cover the new syllabuses in far greater depth than a textbook can, averaging over one hundred recorded examples per course, extensive handouts and extra exercises. All courses count towards NESA Accredited Professional Development hours.

The Mathematics In Depth series currently covers Year 11 and Year 12 Extension 1 Extension 2 courses and part of the Year 11 Advanced course. During 2022 the courses will expand to cover the remainder of the Mathematics Advanced course as well.

New and existing content is explored in detail, including interesting and more efficient techniques that experienced teachers may not have seen before. Important points to be covered with students are noted, and the limits of the syllabus are discussed. As more detail on the syllabus is released by NESA any changes required will be made. Also included are related skills that are beyond the syllabus that you can use to extend more capable students.

Extra materials include a suggested scope and sequence for Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 in Year 11 and Year 12, plus a lesson by lesson breakdown of the Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 courses for Year 11 and 12 to help you create your own scope and sequences.

Follow the link below for more information about the current courses.

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